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We have some news to share. We are selling mushroom grow kits now!

Updated: Apr 15

Sarah and Mathias overlooking the ocean

We are no longer growing fresh mushrooms for weekend markets in Sankt Ingbert and Kaiserslautern.


We are so grateful for the time spent growing mushrooms for our community and all the support we received over the last few years.

Our decision was not made lightly as it was hard to leave the market community but to continue growing mushrooms and going to the weekend market we would have needed to grow larger and rent a bigger space, basically changing everything. This unfortunately was not an option for us.

So then was the time to decide what way we could move forward with our little mushroom business.

Last year, we hosted two enlightening courses about how to grow mushrooms, which ignited our passion for spreading the joy of homegrown mushrooms. Rather than providing fresh produce, we've shifted our focus to empowering our community with the knowledge and supplies needed to cultivate their own mushrooms.

Growing mushrooms at home is not only fun but a sustainable practice that brings you one step closer to your food and helps you take control of your health.

Just like our fresh mushrooms, we are producing everything by hand in small batches from culture to final product! We keep our cultures vital and alive, giving our customers the best chance for optimal colonization and fruiting bodies.


We are now producing mushroom grow kits and mushroom spawn! 

  • Dowel kits for growing shiitake mushrooms and oyster mushrooms on logs. With these plug spawn kits, people can grow mushrooms in their gardens!

  • Garden bed kits provide another method for growing mushrooms in your garden.

  • We also have ready-to-fruit bucket kits, making it easy to dive into the world of growing mushrooms at home.

  • Liquid cultures for lab enthusiasts who want to try their hand at grain spawn and substrate cultivation.

  • Grain spawn that can be inoculated with any of our 30+ cultures.

We are currently traveling around selling our handmade kits at various garden markets in Germany and are working on building up our website and online presence to start shipping some of our new products!

Currently, our available products can be found on our Etsy shop, accessible through our website. Stay tuned for more updates!

We are looking forward to staying connected by sharing monthly emails and blog articles.

Thank you for your time and interest in our little mushroom farm Village Fungi.

We hope to see you at a future market (locations on, a mushroom growing course, or on social media.

If you are not following us on Instagram or Facebook, please add us.


Sarah & Mathias

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